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 The Tree Fruit Society of Wales began in January 2006. The society has the aims to:

1)   preserve the old native varieties of Welsh Tree Fruit

2)   encourage people to grow their own tree fruit.

3) help people in the identification of fruit trees, particularly the old native Welsh varieties

4) organise events and activities which further these aims

The Tree Fruit Society of Wales is a member of the National Orchard Forum 

You can help the Tree Fruit Society of Wales fund their efforts by doing your on-line shopping at  or registering at  and choosing Tree Fruit Society of Wales as your cause.

Shopping via these sites costs you exactly the same as going direct to the retailers website, but earns the Tree Fruit Society a small commission on each transaction.

Using    as your internet search page also earns funds for the society.

Preservation of Varieties

Where old varieties are identified the aim is to propagate young trees to ensure continuation of that variety. In this way we ensure that the attributes of that variety are not lost and remain available for future generations. As our climate changes, it may be that older varieties are needed to breed new ones which can withstand the differing conditions.

Old Native Varieties

In the middle of the 19th century the number of recognised cultivars of fruit trees in Wales was in the thousands. Now only a couple of hundred varieties are known. Despite dedicated searching by a large number of people in 2007 only 20 varieties came to light.

Many of the "Lost" cultivars may still be out there, but as people have moved house, or older family members passed away, the knowledge of the identity of the tree has been lost.

Members of the Tree Fruit Society of Wales have been involved with the Glasu project, identifying orchards and fruit varieties in Powys.

We are interested in finding all kinds of tree fruit, apples, pears, plums, figs, elderberries, and although not strictly atree fruit, old varieties of Kiwi fruit.

The Tree Fruit Society of Wales would be only too pleased to hear from anyone knowing the whereabouts of an old unidentified fruit tree, whether on their own land or in a hedgerow. To notify us of a tree please click here

Home Growing

Many fruit tree types that grow well in e.g. Kent cannot cope with the climate in Wales rapidly succumbing to disease and failing to thrive. Knowledge of the varieties that can thrive will go a long way in ensuring a good fruit crop at home. This means being able to enjoy fresh fruit that you know the provenance of, not having to wonder about sprays and chemicals applied. Also home growing of fruit drastically reduces the food miles involved. Some of the fruit we buy can have travelled from China!

At the societyís meetings, informative talks on fruit tree care, propagation, and identification can help the members gain the knowledge they need.

Events and Activities

The Society holds events such as lectures, plant sales and fruit days to encourage the cultivation of fruit and advance knowledge of fruit growing. See our "Programme" page  for details

Using Your Fruit

Once youíve produced your fruit what can you do with it? Obviously eat it as delicious fresh fruit, but what about putting your hard fruits through a juicer to make really fresh juice? Make jams, chutneys and marmalades.

Bake pies, cakes, turnovers.

Try making your own cider and perry

Make your own wine

Try drying fruit to preserve it

Why not visit our "Recipes"  page to see if there are any recipes you like.

Got a really good recipe or a use for fruit we havenít thought of? Please share it with us

Is the society just for orchard owners and commercial growers?

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in fruit trees. Any level of expertise is welcome, from the lifelong expert to the complete novice. With the availability of different rootstocks , fruit trees can be grown in most gardens. The meetings present a forum for the more experienced and knowledgeable to help the novice with queries and problems. For details of membership please vist our "Join"  page  or email our membership secretary


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